Negative Side Effects Caused by Snoring

Spouses and partners that are involved in a relationship with a person that snores tend to lose quite a bit of sleep during the night when they should be getting restful sleep.

While many people may not consider this fact, the person that does the snoring is also losing a great deal of deep and restful sleep as well.

Sleep Deprivation Caused by Snoring and Long-Term Problems it Can Cause

While there are lots of people that think snoring is simply a noisy issue that can cause a lot of frustration and irritation, it can cause much more than this.

Aside from the many above mentioned short-term problems snoring can cause due to sleep deprivation, there are also many long-term problems that it can cause as well.

To list some of the most common of these problems is as follows:

  • Depression
  • An increased level of blood pressure
  • Mental disorders
  • An increased risk of a stroke or heart attack
  • A reduced overall quality of life
  • Increased risk for gaining weight
  • An increased risk of being involved in various types of accidents, leading to serious bodily injury

While each of these can be extremely serious, research also shows that the occurrence of various life-threatening diseases is much likelier in a person that snores. Studies have revealed that oxygen levels in the blood are reduced in people who snore.

This means that the brain and the entire body is then deprived of much needed oxygen. There has also been information that shows a link between snoring and type-2 diabetes.

Another Interesting Fact about Snoring to Think About

A person whose head width is thin and long is less likely to have problems with snoring than a person that has a head length that is shorter and round. The reason for this is snoring does not occur nearly as much in a person whose throat capacity is longer than in others.

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